Baseball Heroes Hack v 3.0 2013

Do you want unlimited amount of energy, coins and more in Baseball Heroes? Download new hack for Baseball Heroes, and add unlimited coins and other!

Baseball Heroes is a new game that already has millions of active users. Do you want to achieve an advantage over them?
Do you want to be the best in the game? Take advantage of our new tools that will greatly facilitate your game. Baseball Hero Hack v 3.0 is a new hack have been working on for over two months. Our developers have created the perfect tool that will help you in the competition in baseball heroes. Baseball Heroes Hack v 3.0 allows you to effectively add your chosen value to the game, such as money. Do not you also need to give your password to fb, just the same login so that the connection is secure. The connections are also used to program guides proxy automatically searches and downloads. It guarantees that your account will never be banned.

baseball heroes hack

Baseball Heroes Hack v 3.0

  • you can add unlimited xp points, energy, coins, fb credits
  • you will have a big advantage over other players
  • 100 % safe and secure
  • automatically manage and download new proxy
  • daily Update
  • automatic updates
  • anti ban options(your account is 100 % safe)
  • best support

Instruction how to use Baseball Heroes Hack v 3.0

  • download and unzip Hack
  • click baseballheroeshackv3.0.exe and run as administrator
  • input your fb mail
  • select your browswer or click auto detection
  • click check connection and wait
  • Next Enter the appropriate values, example 99999 fb credits and etc.
  • chceck use proxies
  • go to page Anty ban Options
  • click download new proxies
  • check use anty ban
  • go to main menu
  • click add now
  • That’s all

To check for available updates, go to the Updates tab, and click Check Updates button



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